Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer tastings?
  • We do tastings for wedding cakes only.
  • How much cake do I need to order?
  • We'll help you figure out the sizes and shapes of cakes you'll need to order when we start the ordering process.
  • How do I cut the cake?
  • Here are two wonderful tutorial that will help you get all the servings the cake is desinged to yield in the easiest way:
  • Do you have all organic cakes?
  • We do offer 100% organic cakes. Due to the high cost of organic ingredients extra charges apply.
  • Do you make sugar free or vegan cakes?
  • At this time we do not offer them.
  • Do your cakes and cookies contain nuts?
  • Some of them definitely do (like peanut butter buttercream or carrot cake). We cannot guarantee that the cakes will be nut free since we do work in a kitchen where nuts are used. It's your responsibility to alert your guest in case some might have allergies.

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